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  • business-economy

    Business & economy

    Theme includes small businesses, industry, imports, exports and trade

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  • crime-justice

    Crime & Justice

    Theme includes statistics on crimes, policing, justice, courts, prisons,...

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  • defence


    Theme includes statistics on the armed forces, health and safety, search and...

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  • education


    Theme includes students, training, skills, qualifications and the National...

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  • environment


    Theme includes management and measurement of the natural environment. For...

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  • government


    Theme includes staff numbers and pay, local councillors and departmental...

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  • government-spending

    Government spending

    Theme includes government spend transactions and grants. Excludes spend...

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  • health


    Theme includes measurement of health, health care and social care. Includes...

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  • mapping


    Theme includes administrative boundaries, property addresses, land ownership,...

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  • society


    Theme includes employment, benefits, household finances, poverty, population,...

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  • towns-cities

    Towns & cities

    Theme includes housing, urban planning, leisure, waste, energy production,...

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  • transport


    Theme includes airports, roads, freight, electric vehicles, parking, buses,...

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