Privacy Policy

Visitors to this site will be subject to Aberdeen City Council guidelines on Your Data.


Registration on the Open Data Aberdeen site is optional and is only required if you want to access additional functionality (submitting data requests, following datasets).  If you become a registered user Aberdeen City Council, as the data controller, will store and process the information you provide.

If you opt to register on this site you must provide:

  • A unique username
  • Your email address

In addition, you can optionally provide your full name. 

Once you are logged in you can access your profile by clicking on your name as it appears in the top right corner of the screen.  If you have provided your full name, this will be displayed, otherwise you will see the username you specified when you registered.  Within your profile you can click 'Manage' to change details, and add information about yourself.

When you register on the site you will automatically be allocated a personal API Key.  This is for your own use and can be safely ignored if not required.  For more information on API Keys, and how they can be used, see the CKAN API Guide

Please note, all the information in your user profile, with the exception of your password, is visible to system administrators, including your email address and your personal API Key.  System administrators will only ever access your personal information to allow for the essential operation of the open data platform, unless you request that some action is carried out on your behalf (e.g. deleting your user account). 

Your email address will only be used in the operation of the open data platform, for example to allow you to reset your password.  Your email address will never be transferred to a third party or used for direct marketing.

We will never use your personal API Key, or disclose it to a 3rd party.  You may do this if you wish.  


Deleting User Accounts

You can ask to have your user account deleted any time by emailing with Delete User Account in the subject, and stating your username in the email body.  The deletion will be carried out by a System Administrator who will email you to confirm this has been done.

Deleting your account will remove all the information from your user profile, but will not remove any data requests or comments you have submitted to the site.


Keeping your user account active

In order to comply with UK General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) we must not hold user information on the Open Data Aberdeen platform that is inaccurate or saved for longer than is necessary.  We will achieve this by annually removing any user accounts that appear to be inactive.  Accounts will be deleted without prior warning.

To make sure that your account is flagged as active please take time to edit your user profile at least once a year.  Do this by logging in to the platform, clicking on your name, and opting to 'Manage' your account. Check that your email address is up-to-date, add/change your full name (optional), and enter/edit some text in the About field.

If your user account is removed it cannot be re-instated. 




Commenting on Open Data Aberdeen is powered by Disqus where your information will be subject to their privacy policy and, if appropriate, the privacy policy of the platform you use to sign in to Disqus (Google, Twitter, Facebook).  You must be 16 or over to set up a Disqus account.



If you have any queries about Open Data Aberdeen, or any feedback about this portal, you can contact us by emailing